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Colbert Super PAC raises over $1 million

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Stephen Colbert
Martin Crook/Comedy Central

“The PAC is back, baby!” After regaining control of his Super PAC from the clutches of Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report host and current President of Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Stephen Colbert, announced on the Super PAC’s website that as of Tuesday morning, the Colbert Nation “has brought in a staggering $1,023,121.24.” (“My accountant explains to me that is a number far above ‘one,’ ‘two,’ ‘five,’ or even ‘many,'” Colbert noted in the statement.)

The fund-raising donations for the Super PAC (formerly known as the Definitely Not Coordinating With Stephen Colbert Super PAC, but is “considering changing it again to John Colbert Cougar Super MellenPAC”) were sent in on the eve of the Federal Election Commission’s deadline for all Super PACs to file their financial-disclosure reports. The entire 147-page document, which includes the names of donors, as well as a letter to the F.E.C. (in which Colbert states, “Yeah! How you like me now, F.E.C.? I’m rolling seven digits deep! I got 99 problems but a non-connected independent expenditure-only committee ain’t one!”) is available to view here.

Colbert, continuing his blisteringly funny commentary on campaigns and campaign financing,  added in his statement regarding the impressive Super PAC funds — which were brought in with the help of brilliant campaign ads like this one — “We raised it on my show and used it to materially influence the elections – in full accordance with the law. It’s the way our founding fathers would have wanted it, if they had founded corporations instead of just a country.” God bless Colber-ica.

Watch Colbert get back his Super PAC from Stewart here:

Have you pledged your allegiance to Stephen Colbert, PopWatchers? Did you donate money to the Super PAC? Are you surprised at how far this campaign has gone? Share in the comments section below.

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