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Love (or other stuff) will tear them apart

Ever notice how some obstacle or another always seems to get in the way of eternal love? Here’s a look at a few favorite onscreen couples, ranked by how big a challenge they face. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Impossible to Overcome
Ghost, 1990
Couple: Sam, a banker, and Molly, a potter
Obstacle He’s dead! After being killed by a gunman, Sam becomes a ghost who can only communicate with Molly via a medium.

Lars and the Real Girl, 2007
Couple: Lars, a good-natured social misfit, and Bianca, his ”girlfriend” from ”Brazil”
Obstacle: Despite Lars’ delusions otherwise, Bianca is, in fact, an anatomically correct sex doll.

The Fly, 1986
Couple: Seth, an eccentric scientist, and Veronica, a journalist
Obstacle: An experiment gone awry turns Seth into a human fly.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, 2008
Couple: Benjamin and Daisy
Obstacle: He’s too young-old! For mysterious reasons, Benjamin goes through the aging process in reverse.

Brokeback Mountain, 2005
Couple: Wyoming cowboys Jack and Ennis
Obstacle: The homophobic constraints of 1960s society prevent them from being able to love each other openly and force them to live a lie.

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, 1967
Couple: Joanna and John
Obstacle: John’s black and Joanna’s white at a time when interracial marriage is still illegal in many states.

The Time Traveler’s Wife, 2009
Couple: Henry, a librarian, and Clare, an artist
Obstacle: A genetic disorder causes Henry to jump randomly through time, making him the worst absentee husband ever.

Romeo and Juliet, 1968
Couple: Two lovesick teenage kids in 16th-century Verona, Italy
Obstacle: What’s in a name? When the names are Montague and Capulet, a lot.

Titanic, 1997
Couple: Rose and Jack, who fall in love on the Titanic
Obstacle: Jack is poor and Rose is wealthy and engaged to a sociopath with a gun. Oh, and the boat sinks.

Get Over It!
Bonnie and Clyde, 1967
Couple: Bank robbers Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow
Obstacle: Being on the run from the law — plus Clyde’s impotence — puts a damper on romance.

Leaving Las Vegas, 1995
Couple: Ben, a screenwriter, and Sera, a prostitute
Obstacle: Ben is bent on drinking himself to death, and being in Vegas isn’t helping matters.

Casablanca, 1942
Couple: Nightclub owner Rick and his fugitive former flame Ilsa
Obstacle: World War II keeps the star-crossed lovers apart. On the upside, they’ll always have Paris.

Witness, 1985
Couple: John Book, a policeman, and Rachel, an Amish woman
Obstacle: He’s a hard-bitten big-city cop. She rides around in a horse and buggy.

Like Crazy, 2011
Couple: Jacob and Anna, two adorable college students
Obstacle: He’s American and she’s English. Visa problems ensue.

Going the Distance, 2010
Couple: Erin and Garrett, lovebirds who meet cute in New York
Obstacle: They live on different coasts. Well, boo-hoo! Suck it up and rent a U-Haul.