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'Switched at Birth' scoop: Trouble ahead for Bay and Emmett

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Sean Berdy Vanessa Marano
Richard Forman/ABC

You would think that after last week’s traumatizing arrest, things would finally start to get a little easier for Emmett (Sean Berdy). But if anything, they’re about to get worse — especially when it comes to his relationship with Bay (Vanessa Marano).

Though the couple started the season off strong, the honeymoon is about to end in tonight’s new episode, as the emotional repercussions from Emmett’s arrest finally force them confront the fact that they come from two very different worlds — hearing and deaf. “When he was arrested he lost his voice, he was handcuffed, he couldn’t speak essentially. Light was shined in his eyes, he couldn’t read lips,” explains Marano. “So, I think that sheds a little bit of light on the difference between Bay and Emmett that he’s been kind of neglecting.” (Hmm, we hear an “I told you so” coming from Emmett’s mom.)

But coming to terms with their differences might take some time, especially since Emmett already has a handful of issues to deal with first. “His character is going through a really rough time,” says executive producer Lizzy Weiss, explaining that Emmett may need to make a major sacrifice to pay off the vandalism fine stemming from his arrest.

Luckily, it’s not something he’ll have to face alone. When Bay realizes Emmett is in over his head, she decides to help him — with an assist from a surprising ally. “It actually ends up bringing Daphne and Bay closer together,” says Marano. “I think it opens both of their eyes to the fact that they want what’s best for Emmet.”

Do you think Bay and Emmett will survive the season as a couple? Weigh in below.