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Sundance 2012: Bad little girl gets her prank-call on in 'Kid-Thing' -- EXCLUSIVE CLIP

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Bart Simpson would have such a crush on this girl.

This exclusive clip is from the Sundance Film Festival’s Kid-Thing, starring Sydney Aguirre as Annie, a 10-year-old kid whose demolition-derby loving father doesn’t keep a very close eye on her. She wanders around doing basically anything she likes: vandalizing cars, smashing stuff with a baseball bat, and — as this clip shows — making mean-spirited prank phone calls to local businesses.

Then life decides to play a trick on her.

This peculiar new movie has been created by the Brothers Zellner — David (the writer/director) and Nathan (the producer/cinematographer) — who describe Kid-Thing as a kind of fable. While wandering in the woods (like many fairy tale heroines of the past), Annie discovers a strange hole in the ground with a voice calling for help. Down below is an old woman, played by Susan Tyrell (Cry-Baby, Big-Top Pee Wee, and an Oscar nominee for 1972’s Fat City).

Annie is scared, and weirded out, and doesn’t trust anyone enough, not even the trapped woman, to ask for help. She’s smart enough to know she should do something, but … what?

My guess is she probably shouldn’t call that auto-parts guy.

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