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'Resident Evil 6' coming in November: Watch the trailer! (Plus: Pics from the new 'Resident Evil' movie!)

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The Resident Evil game franchise helped kickstart the zombie craze back in 1996. Since then, the series has gotten steadily more outré. The beloved Resident Evil 4 sent iconic series protagonist Leon Kennedy (hairstyle: Blond Proto-Bieber) into a vaguely Transylvanian village to rescue the President’s daughter. The controversial Resident Evil 5 sent the somewhat less-iconic series protagonist Chris Redfield (hairstyle: Brown Go-Go ’80s Reaganaut) on a racially queasy mission to kill lots of undead Africans, although it’s difficult to ascribe any real political motivations to a game that ended with a mutant giant trying to pull a helicopter into a volcano.

There’s already one Resident Evil spin-off scheduled for 2012 — Operation Raccoon City, which hits in March — but today, Capcom officially announced the release of Resident Evil 6 on November 20th. They also released the first trailer which, in all fairness, looks freaking incredible. The game will star both Leon and Chris, along with a bunch of newcomers who all have great haircuts (even the bald guy.) At first, the game seems like a return to the zombie-city milieu of Resident Evil 2, but the game appears to have a globe-trotting storyline, including a trip to China. Basically, you remember how Frank Darabont wanted to turn Walking Dead into Black Hawk Down & Zombies? This is that, plus a zombie President. Check it out:

In other Resident Evil-related news, this September will see the release of the fifth Resident Evil movie, which is currently titled Resident Evil: Retribution, although obviously the title should be Re5ident 5vil: R5tribut55n. The film will also be a globe-trotting adventure tale, as seen in two new images below.

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