Jeff Labrecque
January 16, 2012 at 01:30 PM EST

He sang, he danced Irish jigs, he attempted Chinese calligraphy, he “exposed his forest” in Target, he even kissed a herd of hobos. You can’t say Daniel Radcliffe wasn’t game in his first hosting opportunity on Saturday Night Live. Though some thought the episode was disappointing, I’d counter with merely “uneven,” and credit him with sparking some truly memorable skits. You knew there was going to be a Potter sketch, and this one, in which Radcliffe’s Harry just wanted to rehash the good ole days, delivered (though nothing will ever touch “Hermione Spring Awakening,” with Lindsay Lohan). He was also great as the “shockingly unfamous and untalented” dilettante on “You Can Do Anything!” and he even committed to playing Casey Anthony’s sarcastic adopted pooch in a Weekend Update bit that was funnier than it deserved to be.

If Radcliffe didn’t win over everyone, at least he has the competitive benefit of following Charles Barkley in our latest Saturday Night Live host poll. Barkley earned some chuckles — in fact, he survived his first week at the polls, eliminating Emma Stone. (Let me say that again: Charles Barkley. Eliminated Emma Stone.) Jimmy Fallon remained at the top with 53.4 percent of the vote, and only Melissa McCarthy remained in striking distance with 26.2 percent. Barkley drew 7.9 percent, and Jason Segel tripled his previous poll’s support to stay alive with 6.5 percent. Stone was eliminated with only 6.1 percent, a shame since she probably would’ve gained some more votes once her episode is rebroadcast next Saturday night. Sigh.

Below, I’ve embedded one clip for each of the five surviving hosts, as reminders of their recent performances. Vote below, and the host with the least popular support will be sent packing, and the other four will advance to compete against Channing Tatum on Feb. 4. Ultimately, we’ll crown the Saturday Night Liveliest Host at the end of the season. Watch and vote below.






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