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Complete Lousiana Hayride Archives 1954-1956 review - Elvis Presley

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RETURN OF THE KING Hayride showcases early hits, all remastered and restored
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Complete Louisiana Hayride Archives: 1954-1956

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Elvis Presley

We gave it a B+

In the beginning there was Elvis (in mono). Then he took a Hayride. All the early hits are here: raw, unfettered, bumpy as a swivel hip in the bayou night. Yes, the sound is spotty, but this is an authentic, unfiltered document of a 20th-century icon in nascent stage: ”Blue Moon of Kentucky,” ”That?s All Right,” ”Baby, Let?s Play House,” a seminal ”Long Tall Sally.” The package is lovingly constructed, with a superb booklet, the music remastered and restored. Behold the roots of rock & roll. B+

Best Tracks:
Classic rave-up Long Tall Sally
Good rockin’ Blue Moon of Kentucky