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Girl Scout cookies introduce new flavor Savannah Smiles

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The holiday season has passed and we’ve all successfully stuffed our faces, but this is America, so we need more! More! So what a relief that we now have Girl Scout Cookie season to help lure us out of the winter (trying desperately to fit back into my) blues (jeans). And, this year, we can not only expect to shamefully hide our Thin Mints and Peanut Butter Patties from our young relatives, but also a new flavor celebrating the organization’s 100th anniversary: Savannah Smiles.

What is a Savannah Smile? According to the Girl Scouts, it’s named for Girl Scout founder Juliette Gordon Low’s hometown and is “a cool and crisp lemon wedge cookie.” Er, what? “Tasty,” “sweet,” “crunchy,” “cream-filled,” “answer to all life’s problems” are words I would typically use to describe a cookie. “Cool,” “crisp,” and “wedge”? Did the Girl Scouts miss a deadline and just Mad Libs this treat?

Joking. I’m sure, like all Girl Scout cookies, they’re delicious. But I’m also sure they’ll last a lot longer in my pantry than my Caramel deLights (Midwest holla!), mostly due to their troubling likeness to rice cakes. Either way, I will now go and summon my “Cookie Duuuude,” whose smart enough to have a PhD in paleontology, so hopefully he can explain these cookies to me.

Eager to snatch up some Savannah Smiles, PopWatchers?

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