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Which star should run for office?

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Speaking to The Envelope about his Starz show Boss, in which he plays the mayor of Chicago, Kelsey Grammer was asked why he’s said he would like to run for Congress. “Getting into politics has always been in my head,” he answered. “I was raised by my granddad, who was a military man, and he always said you had to serve your country. I registered for the draft when I was 17, but Nixon was withdrawing the troops, so I was spared that. But it has always been there that I want to do my part for my country if I can. Fred Thompson pulled it off — being both an actor and a politician — but I think I’d have to leave acting behind before I could do it. That’s something I would do when I’m finally an adult [he chuckles].”

Last August, PopWatch did a poll asking readers who they would like to one day see on a ballot. Grammer finished last: with just 3 percent of the vote. Alec Baldwin finished first with 35 percent, followed by Matt Damon (28 percent), Tom Hanks (15 percent), George Clooney (13 percent), and Angelina Jolie (6 percent). For fun, let’s see where those same people stand now. How many points does getting booted off a plane cost you? And does expressing disappointment in the current president help or hurt you?

Is there another star you’d like to see on the ballot someday?

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