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'How I Met Your Mother' react: Happy New Year!

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I knew that tonight’s episode of How I Met Your Mother would be a sad (but sweet) one when I found out it centered around Marshall going to visit his father’s grave. But the episode did more than just make me sob (which, I had expected fully). It also gave hope to our gang — who have all experienced their challenges this year — that the New Year will be a great one. And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t benefit from that message a little bit, too. [Spoilers from here on out! Beware!]

I won’t go too far into detail. (I’ll let your recapper Joe Lynch give you the full rundown.) But I will say that while we were all left with our hearts bleeding for Robin, who found out in the last episode that she couldn’t have children, we certainly got the sense that she was going to pull through her tough time. In fact, tonight’s episode gave us a glimpse of the great things to come for Robin.

After Sandy Rivers (recurring guest star Alexis Denisof) made a drunken fool of himself during his annual New Years Eve special, Robin stepped up and counted down to the New Year in his place — a big move for Robin, who earlier in the episode expressed desire to get back in front of the camera. And just before her victory, future Ted said the night became a turning point in Robin’s career, as we flashed to the opening credits of “World Wide News with Sandy Rivers and Robin Scherbatsky.”

Robin wasn’t the only one to start the year off on a good note. Barney and Ted got to open Puzzles (www.puzzlesthebar.com << go to it after the episode airs on the west coast, I assume), Marshall's dad taught his son yet another lesson posthumously, and Lily, after being disappointed by her father, got a big surprise on her doorstep. Her father.

Like I said, more later. Until then, tell me what you thought of the episode, readers!