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Sid and Nancy

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Sid and Nancy, Gary Oldman
Everett Collection

Sid and Nancy

Current Status:
In Season
112 minutes
Gary Oldman, Chloe Webb, David Hayman, Courtney Love, Andrew Schofield
Alex Cox
New Line Cinema
Alex Cox, Abbe Wool
musical, Drama, Romance

We gave it an A

Gary Oldman has been so good for so long it’s easy to forget what a coup he pulled off in his big-screen debut 25 years ago. As the spiky-haired, live-fast-die-young punk-rock casualty Sid Vicious, Oldman came out of the gate like Marlon Brando with a syringe and safety pins. Not only did he (literally) bleed for his art, he made you care about a junkie with a death wish. Directed by British provocateur Alex Cox, Sid & Nancy (1986, R, 1 hr., 51 mins.) is one ? of the great movies of the ’80s. It’s also one of ? the most haunting love stories you’ll ever see. Just out on Blu-ray, the film traces the brief rise and fall of Vicious’ band, the Sex Pistols. But its real focus is the toxic relationship between ? the musician and his American girlfriend Nancy Spungen, a whirlwind of whiny neediness played by Chloe Webb. Even though she’s portrayed as a peroxide-blond Yoko who comes between Sid and his bandmates, Nancy brings out the puppy-dog side of punk’s most notorious pit bull. They argue, take heroin, and run around shooting cap guns like two kids on the world’s most dysfunctional playdate. Sid and Nancy are two lost souls who can’t — and don’t want to — live without each other. Maybe that’s why it seems so inevitable when, after accidentally stabbing Nancy to death, he follows right behind her to that mosh pit in the sky. A