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'Dexter' season finale: final scene vote

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Dexter Finale
Randy Tepper/Showtime

I’ve been rooting for Dexter all season. After every slightly disappointing-but-not-totally-bad episode, I reacted like a mother talking to her child after losing soccer game — with never-ending optimism. “You’ll get ’em next time.” “You tried your best.” “That’s a shame. Pizza?”

Then I watched “Nebraska,” the seventh episode of this season, that found Dexter coming face to face with Trinity’s son, who, like his father, had started killing. Sounds like a juicy episode, right? Not so. It was, actually, the season’s worst episode. (Gun-wielding Dexter? More Brian Moser? Lord.) Possibly the series‘ worst episode. That’s when even my hope began to waver. 

Thankfully, it was not downhill from there. But it didn’t get a ton better — until the last scene of last night, in which (SPOILER ALERT!) we saw Deb walking in on Dexter as he plunged his knife into a saran-wrapped Travis (Colin Hanks). His secret is officially out.

Ken Tucker dissected the moment and episode well in his review of the episode, saying it  “attempted to redeem the uneven, overloaded, even peculiar quality of what had come before it.” And, for me, the self-appointed cheerleader for the series I once called my favorite, it certainly gave me some form of satisfaction — some of the payoff I’d been hoping for. But as I sat and reflected on it today, I couldn’t decide if the twist was enough to make up for the largely disappointing season. Was it truly something I could rub in the faces of all those who’d told me I was crazy for holding out hope for the season?

I’m not sure. So, PopWatchers, I give you a poll. Sound off!

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