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The Charlie Sheen board game!

On Sept. 26, Charlie Sheen finally settled his lawsuit over being fired from ”Two and a Half Men.” It was but one big moment in an eventful year for the actor. To experience it for yourself, play our warlock-approved Charlie Sheen board game

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The average man has 10 pints of blood in his body. Charlie Sheen has 20 pints of tiger blood in his. And while most men commit themselves to one woman at a time, Sheen has the power to rock an unlimited number of women at once. Spin the wheel to begin, and see how many goddesses you can accumulate before losing all of your tiger blood!


Avoid being shipped off to rehab by making the addiction counselors come to your place!
Gain 1 Goddess

Get slammed by the creator of your hit sitcom during the credits of one of his other shows.
Lose 1 Pint

Goodbye, paycheck: The studio shuts down production of Two and a Half Men.
Lose 4 Pints

Police remove your kids from the house after your ex gets restraining order against you.
Lose 3 Pints

Become fastest person in history to reach one million Twitter followers!
Gain 2 Goddesses

Head to the unemployment line: The studio officially fires you.
Lose 5 Pints

Stage creepy low-budget broadcasts on Ustream.
Lose 2 Pints

Sell out venues for your nationwide stage tour in mere minutes!
Gain 3 Goddesses

It is later revealed that not only are tickets for the tour still available, they’re being sold at less than face value.
Lose 2 Pints

Ashton Kutcher replaces you on your sitcom.
Lose 3 Pints

Paparazzi document you waving a machete from a rooftop — but hey, it’s just a joke!
Roll Again

Get booed on opening night of tour in Detroit and at Radio City Music Hall.
Lose 3 Pints

Overhaul stage show; audience reception improves.
Gain 1 Goddess

Reach custody agreement with one of your exes!
Gain 3 Goddesses

Host the main stage of the 12th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos; crowd reaction is mixed.
Roll Again

The last of the goddesses moves out of your house.
Lose 2 Pints

Take time out for family meal photo op with kids and ex-wife at Italian restaurant.
Roll Again

Extend olive branch at Emmys, wishing the folks at your former show ”nothing but the best” as you present an award.
Gain 1 Goddess

Smile as you are brutally skewered on a Comedy Central Roast — one of the network’s highest-rated telecasts in history.
Gain 1 Goddess And Lose 1 Pint

Begin your TV comeback: Sign deal with FX to star in adaptation of Anger Management.
Gain 4 Goddesses

Reap a reported $25 million by settling lawsuit with studio that fired you.
Gain 2 Goddesses

The Internet says you died in a snowboarding accident. Not so fast, Internet: You are totally alive!
Gain 1 Goddess