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'The Hunger Games': Poster puzzle piece No. 88 is here!

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Hunger Games Poster Puzzle

When the first eight teaser posters for The Hunger Games hit the Web two months ago, those savvy folks in Lionsgate’s marketing department split them up among eight different websites (including EW.com), making finding them something a game itself for fans. Well, welcome to level 2.

For the first full poster for the rabidly anticipated film, Lionsgate has fractured the final image into 100 separate puzzle pieces, and scattered them across the Internet. (The official reason is to celebrate 100 days until the film’s release, but I think the folks at Lionsgate may just really love making their PR and marketing teams earn those Christmas bonuses.) To find all 100, you’ve gotta search the hashtag “#HUNGERGAMES100” on Twitter, and collect the pieces from there. Once you’ve got ’em all and have pieced the puzzle together, post the final image to Facebook and tag it with The Hunger Games‘ official Facebook profile. (You’ll likely want to print the pieces out and snap a photo of the finished result.) After the first person successfully does so, Lionsgate will release the full poster for all to see — which we will then post here on EW.com. (You can also click here for more info on the hunt.)

By this point, you’ve noticed by now that EW.com is playing host to piece No. 88 out of 100 — and anyone familiar with Suzanne Collins’ best-seller will recognize the image on the piece immediately. You can also click here for the proper PDF download of the image.

Good luck, and (you knew I was going to say this) may the odds be ever in your favor.

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