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Jeff Tweedy forecasts the weather (quite badly) on Chicago's WGN morning news

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Wilco Tweedy Weather

I’m such a huge fan of Wilco that I’ve always claimed I would watch Jeff Tweedy do anything — even forecast the weather. Well, today that claim got put to the test.

This morning, Wilco appeared on Chicago’s WGN morning show to play a couple of tracks from their recent, back-to-top-form collection, The Whole Love. At some point in the proceedings, Tweedy shambled onto the weather set and was invited to take over the 7-day forecast.

To be honest, it has to be said that for a weatherman, Tweedy makes a hell of a guitarist. I’m not sure it’s of any help to anyone, for example, to announce “This is how it looks — you can read!”

On the other hand, it was his first day on the job and, hey, it’ll be a cold day in hell (with a good chance of snow showers coming in from the north-east) when Al Roker writes a song a tenth as good as “Spiders (Kidsmoke)” or “Heavy Metal Drummer.” (Prove me wrong, Roker!!!)

Check out the clip and then tell us what you think. Does Tweedy have a bright future in meteorology? Or should he stick to his day job?

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