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'Justice League #4' sneak peek: Aquaman shows his stuff!

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Over the course of the first three issues of DC’s new Justice League, in the face of Darkseid’s encroaching, mysterious army, the various major superheroes of the DC canon have, well, assembled isn’t the right word, really, since Green Lantern, Batman, Superman, the Flash, and Wonder Woman are still eons away from being a cohesive team. But in Justice League #4, to their motley crew they now add the King of Atlantis, a.k.a. Aquaman — but not without some brash protesting from Green Lantern, who quips, “I thought Aquaman was a sketch on Conan O’Brien!” As the cover makes clear, Aquaman does not take kindly to being thought the butt of a joke, and in EW’s exclusive five-page preview, he shuts up the sparkly hothead by showing everyone just what he can do.

You can read the full issue when it hits stores Dec. 21. For now, check out EW’s full sneak peek here.

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