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Glee: Gimme some White Chocolate!

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Adam Rose/Fox


It’s about to get hot up in here! Two of Glee‘s pretty boys make their way back in tonight’s episode. First that wannabe boyfriend-stealer Sebastian (Grant Gustin) returns to mack on Blaine (Darren Criss). This time Kurt (Chris Colfer) confronts him and Sebastian lays all his cards on the table, promising to steal both Blaine and Nationals out from under Kurt. Oh, it’s on.

And trouty-mouth himself Sam (Chord Overstreet) returns to help out New Directions for sectionals now that Rachel has been suspended for trying to rig the student elections in Kurt’s favor, and Santana, Mercedes, and Brittany are over on the Troubletones. I’m personally looking forward to the part of the episode when Rachel and Finn apparently find the blond stripping and going by the name White Chocolate. Yes!

What are you looking forward to tonight? Who do you think will come out on top: New Directions or the Troubletones

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