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'Cowboys & Aliens' reveals how to hook up with Olivia Wilde

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All right, by “hook up” I mean literally attach a hook to her and yank the beautiful actress as high as 80 feet up in the air.

This clip from the upcoming DVD and Blu-ray release of the sci-fi/western mashup (in stores on Tuesday) shows that it wasn’t just digital trickery that enabled director Jon Favreau to snatch Wilde off the back of a running horse when alien ships attacked her and Daniel Craig. It took a couple cranes, a lot of cable, a 12-foot ratchet and an actress who is a very good sport to add a little realism to Cowboys & Aliens.

As you watch the clip after the jump, ask yourself: What did those horses assume was going on? I assume one said to the other: “Quit asking questions, Buttercup! Nosy horses get turned into one of those mechanical dealies she was riding before.”