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Bella a rising baby name, to no one's surprise

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Kristen Stewart
Peter Sorel

BabyCenter has released its annual lists of the Top 100 baby names of the year for girls and boys. Check them out here, and marvel at how unique the most popular names actually sound to someone who remembers when Jennifer was No. 1. Twilight moms appear to be losing their love of Isabella, which has now dropped to No. 3, below Sophia and Emma. (Isabella was No. 2 last year, and No. 1 in 2009.) But the good news, the more casual Bella is definitely on the rise: It was No. 67 in 2009, No. 49 in 2010, and No. 26 in 2011.

On the boys’ side, Jacob is at No. 5, while Edward is nowhere on the list. The wolf wins at something! Aiden remains the No. 1 boys’ name, for the seventh year in a row.

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