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'HIMYM' Contrarian Corner: Robin doesn't belong with Barney

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How I Met Your Mother
Monty Brinton/CBS

Should I duck now? I should probably duck (tie) now. I’m sure you’re all preparing to hurl plenty of slaps my way. But still, PopWatchers, I can’t deny these horrible feelings I’m feeling. After seven seasons of wishing, hoping, and praying that Barney and Robin would get together once and for all on How I Met Your Mother, I’ve had to admit to myself: Robin just simply does not belong with Barney.

I feel this not only as someone who has handed out (and received) plenty of romantic advice in my life, but also as a TV watcher. Admit it: Part of you cheered when the couple broke up after they experimented as a couple in season 5. As boyfriend and girlfriend, Barney and Robin simply didn’t spark on screen. There was something about the domesticated Barney we didn’t like. At the same time, we didn’t want to see him hurt our beloved Robin like she was a regular Abby or Crazy Meg. It was a conundrum for ‘shippers like myself: After the initial honeymoon period, we found ourselves wondering if Robin should start building sandcastles in the sand with someone else (but, no, not James Van Der Beek). So, when they broke up, we were sad, but, like Barney and Robin, we knew it was for the best. And How I Met Your Mother proved as much: The show suddenly began to improve in its sixth season after the couple split. (Of course, that’s if you like to pretend that whole Zoey madness didn’t happen. I certainly do.) There’s no denying Barney and Robin make a TV couple that’s far more intriguing to watch in their will-they-or-won’t-they stage.

Honestly, I’m hoping they won’t. Not just because of my TV-viewing tastes, but because they simply don’t seem to belong together. This was never more evident than two weeks back — when we watched Robin break Barney’s heart after the Lothario broke things off with Nora to get back together with his ex-girlfriend. (Phew. That’s a lot of action for one sentence.) Barney and Robin might dance well together and trade the wittiest of barbs, but Barney’s justification as to why he likes someone as “messed up” as Robin — “You’re almost as messed up as I am” — felt sad, dissatisfying, and just plain wrong. Kevin’s justification, on the other hand, felt perfect: “I hope that one day you see yourself the way I see you.” Robin was right to call it a good answer.

There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship. But Barney and Robin may be too imperfect to work. They are two cynical beings that are far too similar — a ying and a ying simply don’t fit together. Now I’m not saying Kevin should be the one for Robin, though part of me hopes that he is indeed the father of Robin’s unborn baby. But if Robin is the bride to Barney’s flash-forwarded groom — well, here’s one superfan who, sadly, won’t find the union legen…dary.

Am I wrong, PopWatchers? Will I see the light again in time? Please tell me I will!

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