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'Flight of the Conchords' movie? We've got plot ideas!

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Flight Conchords
Craig Blankenhorn/HBO

Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement, the New Zealanders of the duo Flight of the Conchords, brought edge, musical ingenuity and Kiwi oddities to the small screen in their HBO show. Can they charm audiences in a feature film? On the red carpet for The Muppets, McKenzie hinted at the possibility of making a move to the big screen, with just one hitch — “We need a story,” he says in this clip from The Hollywood Reporter.

If it’s true, here are a few ideas I had to help get this project moving:

— Stephen Sondheim catches one of the Conchords shows and asks them to write a musical with him. Bret and Jemaine are ecstatic, but things go awry as Murray confuses Stephen Sondheim with Steven Spielberg in their first meeting, requesting that there must be aliens, Nazis, or dinosaurs for the duo to participate.

— After not quite achieving the success they’d hoped for in New York, Bret and Jemaine return to New Zealand with their heads bowed, only to find their arch enemies, a similar song writing duo called The Grounded Dodos, have found a huge fanbase. Mel shows up in Wellington and her allegiances are traded once she meets the Grounded Dodos. Bret and Jemaine have to win their only fan back.

— Capitalizing on the popularity of their Foux du FaFa video, Bret and Jemaine are asked to do a commercial in Paris for a new brand of perfume, called Pomplemousse. In Paris, Bret meets a mime troupe and Jemaine finds love. Hilarity ensues.

Are you a Conchords fan? Add your ideas for the movie in the comments below and let’s help them get down to business (time).

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