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Clint Howard's Funny or Die asteroid film

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Natalie Portman, Star Wars: Episode II -- Attack of the ClonesTwo things you can count on in any asteroid-headed-toward-Earth movie: America is the only country capable of solving the problem, and the president will have to be informed of the size of the asteroid in a dramatic way that instills fear in us all… by comparing it to the size of Texas. The latter is the premise for a hilarious new FunnyOrDie video starring Clint Howard (it’s as if his Apollo 13 character was played by Billy Bob Thornton) and Beau Bridges (as the Commander-in-Chief). Watch it below, and feel the shame of thinking I would have seen this movie if it came out on Wednesday, July 4, 2012.

P.S. If FunnyOrDie really wanted to be funny, they should have posted a second asteroid movie spoof (à la 1998’s Deep Impact and Armageddon).

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