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Death Watch 2011: Fall TV Survival Status Thanksgiving Weekend Edition

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Who will be the Last Man Standing to get Revenge for all those critics who, Once Upon a Time, needed a lesson or two on How to Be A Gentleman? Ooh, we could play this all day! Unfortunately, we’re running out of titles to riff on (if only NBC named it Rock Bottom with the Brian Williams instead of Rock Center) and frankly, the broadcast networks are thisclose to delivering their final verdicts on their fall fare. Midseason is just around the corner, you see, when there will be a whole lot of new shows to keep (or dump).

Here’s our verdict (and the most up-to-date viewership levels and ratings among adults 18-49) on what’s left:

New Girl (Fox): 5.0, 10 million.

Status: Fox was the first network to pick up a new show for a full season. We’re now focusing of that second year pickup, when we think her chances are rosy.

2 Broke Girls (CBS): 5.5 rating, 13.7 million.

Full season pickup. Notice the ratings: This is the highest rated new show of the 2011-12 season.

The X Factor (Fox): Wednesday, 4.4, 12.5 million; Thursday, 4.3, 12.6 million

Full season pickup.

Once Upon a Time (ABC): 4.7, 13.7 million.

Full season pickup. We’ll be brutally honest: After the middling launch for Pan Am and Revenge, we didn’t have high hopes for this high-concept drama from a couple of clever Lost writers. Sometimes, it’s a relief to be wrong. Show like this need to succeed if we want to see more genre shows in the future.

Terra Nova (Fox): 3.6, 10 million

Status: Fox executives already confirmed that it will complete its 13-hour run in December. The network will decide by the end of the year whether Terra Nova will get a second season. Though the dino drama is performing weaker than what the network wants, it’s still got a shot to return.

Last Man Standing (ABC): 3.7, 11.9 million.

Full season pickup. Not surprising: It was a big deal for ABC to get Tim Allen back. But with a new showrunner at the helm as of this month (last one left for personal reasons, new guy comes from Reba), job one is to keep refining Allen’s voice without boring viewers.

Suburgatory (ABC): 3.5, 10.1 million

Full season pickup

Person of Interest (CBS): 3.3, 13.8 million

Full season pickup

Revenge (ABC): 3.6, 10.5 million

Full season pickup. Good news for prime time soap fans.

Unforgettable (CBS): 3.0, 13.9 million

Full season pickup

Pan Am (ABC): 2.8, 8.3 million

Status: The period drama has settled at a modest number and, as a result, has yet to get a full season pickup. ABC might complete its run at 13 and postpone a final decision on its fate until May.

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