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Is that birth scene nuts, or what? A doctor weighs in

In ”Breaking Dawn — Part I,” Bella conceives a half-vampire baby, then delivers just a few weeks later via a gruesome C-section, where Edward chews their child out. (The amniotic sac is vampire skin, duh.) ”It was like watching Elmo deliver a baby on ”Sesame Street” — that was the level of reality,” laughs NYC obstetrician Fahimeh Sasan

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The superfast gestation
”Women don’t normally feel movement until their fifth month — much less seven days after they become pregnant,” says Sasan. ”But whatever, it’s a vampire baby.”

Bella’s craving for blood
”The only thing that would happen if you actually drank blood is you would have black stool. It would never actually get absorbed into your system.”

Bella’s strange C-section
”She can’t be awake for any of that. You can go into shock from that level of pain. You would have to put her out with morphine. And you can’t just do a C-section without anesthesia. That would kill the mother.”

The amount of blood during the birth
”I was surprised: There’s really not enough blood visible. They just show a little stain of blood on her shirt and underneath her. I understand it’s a vampire baby, but in a human C-section, it’s a literal bloodbath.”

Edward chewing through the amniotic sac
”The whole time, I had my hand over my face. I was thinking, I cannot legitimately talk about this as an obstetrician.”

Bella’s death
”That was the only realistic part. In this scenario, the mother would definitely die. For sure.”