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Chuck Norris 'World of Warcraft' video

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Jodie FosterSemi-legendary action star Chuck Norris has proven surprisingly adept at making his Internet-assisted meta-celebrity work for him. Back in 2008, he became the mascot for Mike Huckabee’s presidential campaign, a move which forced young liberals to choose between their hippie ideals and their boundless capacity for ironic appreciation. He landed a role in Expendables 2, even though he’s the only guy on the poster who never actually made a good movie. (Hey, Van Damme was in Timecop.) Now, he’s the latest celeb to star in his own World of Warcraft commercial, which basically rehashes old “Chuck Norris is God” jokes. If you believe the ad, Norris’ character is a hunter who looks exactly like him, except the character has a pet white tiger. Which is, of course, totally unrealistic. In real life, Chuck Norris’ pet is a white Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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