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'Glee,' 'How I Met Your Mother': This week's TV Jukebox!

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Valentine’s Day may still be nearly three months away, but we saw some serious sensuality in our favorite shows’ song choices this week. There was also a whole lot of heartbreak, a meat truck moment that would have been best kept private, and a dead body for good measure. From a 1970s R&B icon to an Irish electronic trio, plus some old-fashioned singer-songwriters and an experimental musician in the mix, keeping reading to see our Jukebox picks below!


The song: Crooked Fingers, “Heavy Hours”

The episode: “Tick Tick Tick” (710)

The hook: Last week, HIMYM’s use of The Pixies’ “Hey” during Barney and Robin’s long-awaited reunion kiss was a big hit, but the music in Monday’s final moments brought la douleur exquise to fans of the off-again couple. As Robin made her decision to go with nice guy Kevin instead of rakish Barney, Fingers’ founder/frontman sang, “Waited for you/ You didn’t come/ You never do.” When Robin arrived at MacLaren’s with Kevin, Barney realized he had lost her and was crushed. He squinted back tears as she said “I’m sorry.” What was a seemingly mundane statement to the rest of the gang was the deathblow for Barney, who went home and cleared roses meant for Robin off the bed.

Watch it! The devastation begins at 19:38 on CBS.com. Read Sandra Gonzalez’s recap and weep through the exquisite pain.


The song: Matthew Mayfield, “Ease Your Mind”

The episode: “The Crush & the Crossbow” (107)

The hook: Dixie kept it local with Birmingham native Mayfield, whose lullaby of love and loss was especially poignant in a week all about moving on. Mayfield sings of “the love of your life who came and went” and “a new life around the bend” — a fitting backdrop as Wade signed divorce papers so his ex could marry her new fiancé. Of course, the former Mrs. Kinsella didn’t leave Bluebell without warning Wade he’d never have a chance with Zoe. Ironically, it was this discouragement that unlocked his feelings for the good doctor just as she was finally coming to terms with her own unrequited crush on George. The next morning, Mayfield’s song strummed bittersweetly as Wade watched Zoe give handsome veterinarian Dr. Judson a chance, proving Wade had missed his.

Watch it! The song plays at 37:25 on The CW’s Hart of Dixie page.

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