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What Muppet are you most like?

We asked stars of ”The Muppets” which character they’re most like as they walked the green carpet at the Los Angeles premiere

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”Fozzie Bear, because no matter how bad his jokes are he just keeps going for it.” —Jason Segel (who plays Gary, brother of new Muppet Walter)

”Some days I really do feel like Beaker. But most of the time, my answer would be Miss Piggy. I’ve got that fire in me. I will karate-chop somebody’s head off if they get in my way.” —Kristen Schaal (who cameos as a group counselor)

”The Swedish Chef, because I’m a very messy cook. My fiancé nicknamed me that long before I was involved in The Muppets.” —Amy Adams (who plays Mary, Gary’s girlfriend)

”Animal. I like his rages. I don’t have the opportunity to express myself like that, but I often feel like I wish I could.” —Chris Cooper (who plays evil tycoon Tex Richman)