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'Nikita' actor Dillon Casey on tonight's episode: Sean 'can't be controlled' by Amanda

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Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

Sean Pierce (Dillon Casey) has a lot on his plate these days. Even as a relative newcomer to the action-packed world of Nikita, the former Navy SEAL has found himself with a mountain of troubles to overcome, and tonight he once again comes face-to-face with Problem No. 1, Nikita (Maggie Q), after capturing Birkoff and putting him in the (incredibly scary and torture-happy) hands of Amanda.

“Birkoff’s a trading chip,” says Casey. “But Nikita has one of her own — the black box. So they’re going to have to face each other one-on-one.” 

But there’s a twist…that we of course can’t tell you. However, Casey did share that after the episode, viewers will have a clear picture of Casey’s approach to the power structure at Division. “I think he’s hinted in the past at the fact that Amanda can’t control him and what he’s showing very clearly is that he stands on his own. He can’t be controlled by — at least — Amanda and that’s something Amanda has to deal with.”

Speaking of the deliciously bad she-terror, Casey said while Sean doesn’t underestimate her thirst for power, neither should viewers. “You don’t want to leave an enemy alive to seethe. What she does is she just gets rid of them. She destroys them and Sean is now an enemy after she learned Oversight is grooming Sean to take over division,” he says. “But here’s the problem: She can also still use him to get what she wants and  [that’s] the trade-off.”

And just as his troubles with Amanda start to come to a boil, his feelings for Alex, whom he tried to seduce to get closer to Nikita, are starting to surface as well. Genuinely. “He’s starting to definitely gain some feelings for Alex, who he’s bonded with,” he says. But those have to take the backburner to the real issue, says Casey: saving his mother, a target of Nikita’s. “I think Sean is so confused,” he says. “I think he doesn’t know who is good, who is bad, who to trust. So I think that’s why he’s trying to focus on one thing. He’s decided to shed the fat and he doesn’t care about the morals of Division, he doesn’t care what Oversight is up to, he doesn’t care what Nikita is up to. He’s saying, someone is trying to kill one of my family members, so I have to protect that person. Nikita is trying to kill his mother, so he’s trying to kill Nikita. He leaves all the rest of it out of his head, but that’s not so easy.”

If that’s not enough to get viewers to tune in — at, with disappointing numbers, the action-packed drama is certainly in need of them — Casey offered one last enticement. “At some point I take my shirt off,” he said laughing. Your move, fans.