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Helen Mirren gets her due on 'The Office'

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Helen Mirren
Henry Lamb/Photowire/BEImages

What is it about Helen Mirren? She’s a beautiful, sexy woman. There’s no debating it. Just look at this. And this. And this. At 66, her allure hasn’t diminished a bit — in fact, maturity seems to have only heightened her intoxicating effect on men. (See: Russell Brand’s interviews for Arthur.) On The Office last night, the Dunder Mifflin gang — less Dwight — raved about her ample charms. Toby initiated the conversation by saying he didn’t think Mirren got her due, which is tooooooh-tally false since everyone watching knew exactly that bikini photo Ryan was talking about. Watch the clip below:

Sorry, Toby, but Pregnant Helen Mirren is a mythological creature, like some wondrous unicorn. In reality, Mirren never had her own biological children — she’s the stepmother of Taylor Hackford’s two kids — and she’s often said she never felt like the mothering type. Somehow, that only adds to her innate helenmirrenness. Fred Armisen knows what I mean.