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'Grey's Anatomy': Kim Raver previews Teddy's emotional episode

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Kim Raver

Medical problems are nothing unusual for Henry (Scott Foley), but on tonight’s episode, Teddy’s (Kim Raver) husband will find himself depending on the staff at Seattle Grace more than ever. And, as Raver tells EW, his medical crisis of epic proportions will weigh heavily on poor Teddy.

“She’s so emotionally invested,” says Raver. “It’s such an interesting dynamic to see Teddy flip back and forth from surgeon to wife. In the episode, it’s fun to see her go up and down. But as a wife, she’s a mess.”

In the past, Teddy has made it no secret that Henry is her unexpected weakness. After all, they married only so Henry could get in on Teddy’s health insurance and get life-saving treatment for his Von Hippel-Lindau disease, a rare genetic condition. Tonight, says Raver, as Henry goes under the knife, fans will see her vulnerable side more than ever and get a real picture of how far they’ve come as a couple. “I think Teddy has a real need to want to fix things, so the fact that she can’t fix it when he’s sick is extremely horrible for her and makes her extremely anxious,” she says.  “At one point, she even reaches to do a central line and Owen has to tell her she can’t.”

If that wasn’t enough pressure, Teddy finds herself having to abandon her husband to go save a life after a terrible mistake is made by a fellow doctor during surgery. (A mistake we bet will come back to haunt a doctor or two, we predict.) “When she’s called down to take care of the patient, her first reaction is that she wants to give the case to someone else because she wants to be in there with her husband,” says Raver. But she can’t. As the only option, Teddy has to switch into doctor mode. But, she teases, everything will not go as smoothly as planned. “I think she’s nervous, and she’s doesn’t know when she walks into the OR that she’s going to leave and be a completely different person.”

Definitely surprises to come. But the most surprising thing for Raver? How far Teddy has come. “I think definitely she never expected to fall head over heels. She’s definitely madly in love with Henry,” she says.

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