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Katy Perry teases ‘The One That Got Away’ video with actor Diego Luna: watch here

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Don’t let love get away!

Katy Perry offered a sneak preview of her video for her new ode to old love, “The One That Got Away,” today, tweeting, “The early bird gets the teaser: http://goo.gl/hMleR #1thatgotaway

In the clip, a voiceover intones, “The past is like a handful of dust; it filters through your fingers, disappearing little by little…I wish for one day I could go back. In another life I would do things differently.”

Watch the road-not-taken teaser below:

Between the voiceover and Serious Actor Diego Luna playing her lover, I’m hopeful this video has more plot than “E.T.” The quick shots in a bedroom and on the road seemed to harken back to “Teenage Dream,” but while “Dream” had a happy ending, the lyrics for this tune aren’t as upbeat. It could make a nice visual complement a year and a half later.

The video is officially released 11/11/11. The most encouraging part of the teaser? Not a whipped cream bra in sight.

Readers: Are you intrigued? Do you think this is foreshadowing a more adult Perry, or will there still be firework boobs in her future?

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