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'Glee,' 'How I Met Your Mother,' 'Parenthood,' 'The Secret Circle': Spoilers!

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Pamela Reed
Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Image

Many, many scoops today. So let’s get to it.

But before we do, remember to be sending me your questions! Without you, there are no spoils to be had. So send all queries, theories, thoughts, and Get Well Soon messages (See the results of my clumsiness here) to: spoilerroom@ew.com or hit me up on Twitter: @EWSandraG.


It’s hard to know where to begin talking about one of Glee‘s most anticipated episodes of the year. Thankfully, that’s not my problem, because I took your burning questions to resident Gleek lord Tim Stack, who offered up these monster teases! If you didn’t get a chance to submit any, you’re probably not following me on Twitter! Don’t miss out next time!

I’m curious as to what the catalyst is that’s impacting Finn. — Jenn

TIM SAYS: Finn’s bad news involves getting into college.

Is the last scene a montage? And if so, to what song/singers? — @Jam2885

TIM SAYS: Yep, the last scene is a montage. The two couples lying together cut with the West Side Story Blaine/Rachel performance of “One Hand, One Heart.” (SANDRA SAYS: Awww.)

Is the spirit/quality of the first half of season 1 ever going to come back? — @mostly_sleepy

TIM SAYS: This episode is definitely a return to the quality of season 1.

Any Finchel sex scene details would be great! — Lisa K.

TIM SAYS: The Finchel scene is at his house.

Are there any Puck/Rachel scenes in the next episode? — @tweety2485

TIM SAYS: No Puck/Rachel scenes but Finn does ask Puck for sex advice!


The end seems nigh for Kevin (Kal Penn) and Robin (Cobie Smulders) on HIMYM. (Sorry, Kevin/Robin ‘shippers. I’m sure you’re both disappointed.) When EW caught up with Kal Penn at the premiere of A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas this week in Los Angeles, Penn told us that while things are currently going great for the pair, it certainly won’t stay that way. “I would imagine at some point it will not be all smooth sailing for me and Robin. Barney and Robin have long had a chemistry and have a whole backstory and history that probably won’t be able to be ignored forever,” he says. “[Kevin] likes having a gang, but in the long-run, I think it will probably be unsuccessful for most people to really break into the core group of five.”

Neil Patrick Harris echoed the sentiment when talking about Barney’s ongoing romance with Nora, saying, “Barney may question the longevity of his relationship with Nora, but I feel like that’s an inevitability, don’t you?” But how soon? Let me just say, readers, it may be sooner than you think. Seriously.

Meanwhile, I have it on good word that Monday’s episode will feature a death (I am might be talking about an object and not a person), a funny piece of new trivia regarding Marshall and Lily’s baby, and a slap bet twist. And not to get all Criminal Minds on you, but it seems appropriate to close our HIMYM scoop session with this quote from Harris: “I suspect [Robin-Barney fans will] find the second half of season 7 intriguing.”


Earlier this week I spoke with Parenthood EP (and Friday Night Lights‘ godfather) Jason Katims for some scoop on upcoming episodes, but the piece left some of you asking: What about Amber?! Well, never fear. Katims said Amber will not be without plenty to do in the next few episodes, saying her new independent lifestyle will soon become harder than she ever expected. “For Amber, we, as writers, wanted to explore how that first year when you’re on your own is really challenging,” he says. “Some stories are going to be things like how it’s a lot harder to pay the bills. She has a part-time job as a barista, but it’s hard to pay the rent. Amber’s figuring out how to do that.” Also, speaking of employment, as you might have noticed if you read Lynette Rice’s casting scoop carefully, Amber will also find herself with a new job in an episode later this month, working alongside Kristina. “That’s going to take her through the end of the year.”

And for one last bit of scoop, I couldn’t let Katims go without asking about Michael B. Jordan. Now that Alex and Haddie have parted ways, is there a chance we might see him again? Katims is open to the idea, but, he notes, “Mike is working a lot and doing a lot of movies. I would love to have him back on the show. Right now we don’t have a plan for that, but we hope to have him back.”

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