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'Twilight': On the scene for the hand-and-foot-print ceremony at the Chinese Theater

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Twilight Cast
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

So how’s it feel to get your hand and foot prints immortalized forever at the famed Grauman’s Chinese Theater in the heart of Hollywood? “Not only was I wearing shoes too big for me, but I put my hands in the wrong place so I’m going to have the most stupid-looking prints,” Robert Pattinson told EW shortly after the ceremony this morning. “It’s going to look like a yeti.” (Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner pointed out that Pattinson’s feet were askew as well.) 

The three stars of The Twilight Saga were all on hand for the honor — a tradition that dates back to 1928 — as well as their families and friends (Pattinson’s mother snapped pictures of the wall of photographers and fans), and author Stephenie Meyer, who made a speech thanking each of the stars (“I’m excited for them and proud of them”). Jimmy Kimmel played emcee, pointing out what an honor it is to join the likes of Clark Gable, Bette Davis, Douglas Fairbanks –“with the exception of Matt Damon, they’re all pretty great,” he said. Kimmel also joked that Lautner would be imprinting his famous abs into the cement as well. (He did not.)

Fans had lined up early outside the theater for the ceremony. “I didn’t sleep the last two nights, basically,” said Marika Robitaille, 18, who, along with her friend, Mallory Proverbs, 26, were part of the first 100 fans to arrive for the footprint and handprint ceremony so had special VIP placement behind the barricades. They were excited to see everyone (when pressed, they said they were both Team Edward) but Proverbs said she was particularly looking forward to seeing author Stephenie Meyer (“I’ve never seen her in the flesh”). A song started playing over the stereo system and the girls clutched each other and squealed. Loudly. Proverbs’ eyes filled with tears. “It’s the song from the wedding,” she said. Indeed, it was “Flightless Bird, American Mouth” by Iron & Wine, on the soundtrack. But Breaking Dawn — Part 1 isn’t even out till Nov. 18 — how do they recognize the song? “Oh we know,” Proverbs said. “We just know.”

Click here for video from the event.

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