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'Bones' season 7 premiere recap

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Beth Dubber/Fox

After Bones‘ May finale in which we found out Brennan was pregnant with Booth’s child, exec producer Stephen Nathan joked to EW, “A lot of viewers always make up their mind on how we’re gonna ruin the show before it happens. And hopefully we will disappoint those viewers.” Did they ruin the show? If you haven’t seen tonight’s season 7 premiere, stop reading now. SPOILERS AHEAD! 

Granted, it’s only been one episode, but as someone who always has the Great Gormogon Debacle of 2008 in the back of her mind, I’m thrilled to say I’m on board with producers. They wanted to skip over that initial, slightly sickening honeymoon phase after couples get together, when dreams have come true and contented viewers move on to root for the next will-they-or-won’t-they couple on their TV dials. That means we missed seeing how Caroline everyone at the Jeffersonian reacted to the news of Booth and Brennan having had sex, becoming pregnant, and behaving like a couple. But you know what, even though we’re not watching the “firsts” for Booth and Brennan, we’re still seeing “firsts” for us. Even if he’s done it before, that was the first time we saw Booth cooking breakfast in his shirt, holster, boxers, socks, and slippers. (If we ever get flashbacks to those first five months together, the naked omelette photo is essential.) It was the first time we saw Booth casually kiss Brennan, who’s now five months pregnant. It was the first time we got to hear them each say “I love you” without being worried that the other wouldn’t return it. The time jump allowed them to play those moments with subtlety, which made them even sweeter. It was like we stumbled upon them, and the familiarity Booth and Brennan now share — “I know,” Booth said when she told him “I love you” — made them mean more. That wasn’t just said to get us to “ah” (though we did), it was real.

What I also loved: Booth telling Brennan she’ll have to be the one to propose to him. He needs her to believe in that irrational, romantic leap of faith. That notion quickly established that there’s still emotional breakthroughs to come. We still have something to root for. They made it clear that even if Brennan finds herself crying at a crime scene or feeling extra affectionate toward Angela, those hormones aren’t going to make her instantly see the world through Booth’s heart-shaped, empathy-filled eyes. She’s still someone who would say that because she’s carrying the baby, and she’s more financially secure and objectively more rational, the decision of where they will live will be hers alone.

I’m with Booth: Even Brennan should know that when you’re a family, you make big decisions together. Brennan has always been on her own, and she was scared of relying on Booth. If he moved into her place and they didn’t last, he could just move out. If they find “their place,” she won’t be able to tell herself she hasn’t lost anything if they don’t make it. She has her foster care memories of what happens when a family is torn apart, but Booth has his baggage, too. He wants their child to know he’s not like his own father – he’s a good dad, one who wants to make a home. (Are we forgetting that Parker already knows that, or does Booth feel extra pressure to prove that to child No. 2 because he doesn’t have primary custody of Parker?) Also, BOOTH HAD A GAMBLING PROBLEM. They could have used more subtlety when reminding us about that for, I presume, a future episode.

Pregnant Brennan does seem to be picking up on things quicker than the Brennan we’ve watched for six seasons. For those who thought her center of gravity being off enough to make her fall was fake — it’s not. Pregnant women do fall, which is why seeing them wear stilettos makes me nervous. Anyway, she fell at work and got trapped by some crates filled with fragile Egyptian vases. She called Booth, who used his siren to speed over to her. (Protective Booth is my favorite!) He asked her why she didn’t just call the security guard. Because Enrico Colantoni wasn’t free? That would have been the rational thing to do. “Well, I didn’t think of that. I just thought of you,” she said. David Boreanaz has always been so good at taking pauses that are long enough for the audience to see that what Brennan just said affected him, but not long enough that we think even she should have picked up on it. We still get those looks!

Being trapped made Brennan realize that when you’re starting a family, unforeseen situations present themselves. “And since I can always depend on you to assist when needed, whether practically, emotionally, or sexually [insert cute Booth smile], being in close proximity would facilitate that,” Brennan told him. “And if the only way for that to occur is by finding another dwelling, I’m willing to do that. Even though it’s a foolish investment in this market.” That wasn’t a proposal, but it’s what he needed to hear for now. She has faith in him and wants to raise their baby together. He had one more thing to add — a kiss! — and though it looked like he was in the mood for an extended make-up make-out session, she interrupted for work. “That was our moment right there?” Yes, Booth. The show’s got to pace itself. Save the passionate kisses for another episode.

In the end, Booth and Brennan decided they can have whatever life they want despite their pasts — as long as they split the house payment 50/50 (his stipulation). They’ll move into a place that’s new for both of them. It won’t have a TV in the bedroom, because studies show that can hurt your sex life and NO ONE wants that. They’ll just get a large TV for the living room. Anyone else flash back to the end of the “Baby in the Bough” episode when Booth fantasized about the house? It’s all coming together. Baby Andy would be proud. (Phalanges! Phalanges! Dancing phalanges!)

The question now, of course, is how easy will Brennan’s pregnancy be? Having complications is one way for producers to legitimately force another emotional breakthrough for Brennan. But knowing that Emily Deschanel was filming episodes while pregnant with her son, how difficult would that have been for her to act? You know there’ll have to be some drama. What’s your prediction: Labor drama, or Booth and/or Brennan’s life endangered on a case drama?

Your turn. Do you think producers have successfully avoided the Moonlighting curse? How cute is Baby Hodgins? (Very.) And how hot did Cam look in that one dress? (Drive you to distraction.)