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Foster the People release mind-bending video for 'Call It What You Want': Watch it here!

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Unlike many of their come-from-nowhere cohorts, Foster the People didn’t get big thanks to a viral-ready music video — their  “Pumped Up Kicks” got to the upper echelon of the Billboard Hot 100 via word of mouth, radio play, and a commitment to playing the heck out of it in concert.

That doesn’t mean the Foster boys can’t put together a great video. In fact, they just pulled back the curtain on the clip for their next single “Call It What You Want,” and it’s an attention-getter.

Directed by Ace Norton (who also lensed the little-seen but still-awesome clip for “Helena Beat”), it features the band in a number of unusual scenarios, including a key sequence that finds a series of women wearing T-shirts that spell out “FOSTER” getting shot in the chest and bleeding blue paint. Does Mark Foster have an obsession with guns or what?

Elsewhere in the video, there’s a flopping goldfish, lots of action in a bathtub, and some giant gold Hulk Hands. It’s all pretty trippy, and occasionally staged like something Stanley Kubrick would have hallucinated as he was falling asleep. (That’s a compliment, by the way.) Check it out below.

Remember when all videos looked like this? Not explicitly with these images, but there have been periods when it seemed like bands everywhere just wanted a series of cool images to go along with their songs. There’s something to be said for a well-made video that tells a story, but there’s great potential for excellence when narrative is tossed out the window completely.

FtP are currently gearing up for a handful of live dates in Europe, but they’ll be back around in December to make the rounds on the holiday radio festival circuit. That’s a lot of chances for people to steal their pants.

What do you think of the video? Let us know in the comments!

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