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Fox Tuesday returns tonight. After the baseball hiatus, will you remain loyal, or have you moved on?

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CBS owns Monday night with its indomitable comedy block, ABC boasts a delicious combo meal of Modern Family, Happy Endings, and Revenge on Wednesdays, and even though only a few million Americans agree with me, Thursday night on NBC is still Must-See TV. But a few weeks back, I’d say Fox’s Tuesday night was the real night of must-see television, thanks to the young-and-beautiful parade of Glee and New Girl. (Not to mention Raising Hope!)

But for four weeks — ever since baseball came along and threw a wrench in the plan — I’d been hopelessly adrift on Tuesday nights. I got really familiar with my local Redbox during the month of October and once or twice I think I even went outside or, worse even, read a book. But as of tonight… ding dong the baseball’s dead! Our favorite minstrels, our favorite hipster, and our favorite… baby?… are back.

On one hand, I feel excited for the line-up’s return. But, on the other, I’m worried that things might feel different tonight. Have we simply been separated from our favorite new and returning shows for too long? Sure, we often spend our summers apart and the odd week here and there, but that’s expected. Even though I should have seen it coming, the baseball hiatus took me by surprise. I was so excited to be spending time with my shows in the fall. Glee and New Girl were actually good! I would have “plans” on Tuesday night once again! But then… they left. It hurt. It hurt bad.

And now, four weeks later, I can hardly recall where we left off on each series. I remember something about Mike Chang and being sad about Mercedes. As for New Girl, my mind only seems to draw the sound of a She & Him album and the face of a guy that may or may not be Damon Wayans Jr. Part of me would like to say I’ve moved on, that I’ve found something new, but we both know that’s a lie. I’ve found myself staying loyal to my gleeful Tuesdays. Regardless of my spotty memory, tonight I’ll be switching on Fox at 8 p.m. ET — the time and place where we met. I guess I’m just needy.

What about you PopWatchers? Will you be back watching Fox tonight or was four weeks long enough for you to start something new?

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