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Willie Nelson? Jon Bon Jovi? When were you most envious of a fellow concertgoer?

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Willie Nelson
Rick Diamond/Getty Images

You remember that awesome thing you watched happen to someone else at a concert and wished had happened to you? Here’s why I’m asking: Last night, I went to see Willie Nelson. At 78, Willie doesn’t move around the stage a lot, so when he walked to the apron, we all learned forward in our seats. He took off the red bandana he was wearing and tossed it to a woman in the front row. A little later, now wearing a second bandana, he started walking to the apron again. This time, there were anticipatory “Oooh”s, and some people (read: me) turning to the person beside them asking why that person had foolishly bought tickets in the balcony.

Willie gave out at least five bandanas. Man, I would have loved one. It would remind me of how I feel every time I hear him play “Funny How Time Slips Away,” which is, oddly enough, like time stops. All I have to do is listen to him and I tear up a little because it’s a perfect combination of lyrics and melody. (And speaking of perfection, if there’s a better three-song medley on a set list than “Funny How Time Slips Away,” “Crazy,” and “Night Life,” I haven’t heard it.)

Your turn. What’s your worst case of fellow concertgoer envy? I would never survive it, so that’s how I live with not being one of the women who’s danced with and kissed Jon Bon Jovi onstage during “Bed of Roses.” Let’s watch some samples below, just to twist the knife.

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