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Bryan Cranston dresses up as Tio: See it here!

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Is that Hector in that wheelchair, being pushed the aisle by a Los Pollos Hermanos chicken? Ding ding!

At the Breaking Bad season 4 wrap party, Bryan Cranston dressed as everyone’s favorite elderly Mexican cartel member, Hector “Tio” Salamanca, while his co-star Aaron Paul made like one of Gus Fring’s zesty little winged creatures. (Check out more photos here.) Apparently, the cast dresses up every year.  Among photos from the season 2 wrap party, I spotted one where Cranston poses as Jesse, and another where Paul poses as Walter. And during the season 3 wrap party, Cranston and Paul made a pretty great Skyler and Jane.

But it’s that wild, eye-bulge expression in Cranton’s eyes that makes his Hector my all-time favorite, officially beating the previous title-winner for best Breaking Bad costume ever, the (VERY SPOILER-y!) Gus Fring mask. If I had Hector’s letter board, I’d spell out “A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.”

Look me in the eye, Hector. LOOK AT ME!

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