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'Titanic' entirely through Facebook posts

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If you don’t have three hours to get all nostalgic over 1997’s Titanic, FunnyOrDie has decided to outline the entire movie’s plot with Facebook posts. That way you can relive all the drama of James Cameron’s romance/disaster flick in considerably less time — certainly less time than it took to read through the movie’s exhaustive Wikipedia page.

On the fake timeline, (SPOILER ALERT! If you’ve somehow managed to never see the movie) Jake Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater become Friends, and subsequently notify everyone that they’re In A Relationship. As you can imagine, Cal Hockley dislikes this news. (Ed. note: When are we going to get a dislike button, Mark Zuckerberg?) The Iceberg creates its own Facebook event, and well, we all know what happens after that. Rose promises to never let go… but then she does anyway. Perhaps my favorite part of the faux timeline is Jack’s new photo album cleverly titled “I’m On A Boat.” Completing this historical anachronism of combining Facebook and Titanic, T-Pain himself “likes” the addition.

What’s your favorite part of the timeline? And what other movies do you think deserve the fake Facebook treatment? Sound off in the comments, and as a rule of thumb, don’t attend Facebook events created by natural disasters.

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