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October 10, 2011 at 05:00 AM EDT

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You’d think a series that kicks off its final season with a murder cover-up would move a tad bit faster, but Housewives seems to be content in keeping a slow and steady pace. Not to say that’s necessarily the worst thing. After all, this week’s episode laid the groundwork for at least two big plot lines moving ahead and some entertaining filler stories in between: Lynette tormented/nearly destroyed her newly engaged sister’s relationship, Renee took Lee’s daughter shopping and learned she may have some maternal instincts after all, and Bree and Gaby worked together to find out what Detective Chuck Vance was hiding (a ring, it turns out).

Of course, the episode’s biggest development involved Susan, Carlos and (later) Mike. While Gaby was busy helping Bree sneak behind the detective’s back, Carlos was busy bonding with Susan. The two bumped into each other during a late night stroll and talked about their post-murder angst. But that was just the starting point! Once they realized they had a murder to bond over, the possibilities were endless. By the end the walk, Susan even recommended Carlos read To Kill a Mockingbird because she thought he’d like it. Book recommendations? That’s like the adult equivalent of a friendship bracelet. Anyway, when Mike realized Susan and the neighbor she used to refer to as Ricky Ricardo were developing a friendship, he was naturally skeptical, but Susan assured him he had nothing to worry about.

Except he sort of did. Carlos tracked down Susan while she was at community service to tell her how much he loved the book…. er, movie recommendation. But before they could get into a character analysis, Susan spotted Mike’s van pass by and pretty much freaked out. Naturally, Carlos’ response was to take her into a van (because that’s not shady at all!). While the two hid out in the cramped space in the back of the vehicle, Susan pointed out that she could feel Carlos’ heart pounding, and suddenly we were all transported into the pages of a cheesy romance novel. Next thing you know the two are leaning toward each other all dreamy eyed like they’re about to KISS. Luckily, they pulled themselves away just in time. When they stepped out of the van, Mike was there waiting to punch Carlos in the face (which he kind of deserved considering he almost kissed the guy’s wife!).

At this point, I wondered what inventive lie Susan was going to come up with to get herself out of the situation. After all, how do you justify hiding in the back of a van with Ricky Ricardo? The answer, it turned out, is that you don’t. In the end, Susan decided she was better off telling Mike everything and he reacted by promptly walking out.

Personally, I doubt that Mike will leave Susan hanging — especially since she went to him, along with Carlos, to deliver the entire story. My take is he’ll end up helping all the ladies get out of this mess and maybe do some murder-cover-up bonding of his own with Carlos along the way.

Of course, that being said, I can’t help but wonder where this storyline will go if Mike doesn’t react as I’m expecting. Let’s say he decides to take a beat for a couple of episodes to digest this new info — what would that mean for Carlos, Susan and that almost kiss? With Mike out of the picture, even momentarily, will they actually end up locking lips? Would ANYONE even want to see them lock lips (speak now CarSu fans! and yes I made that couple name up)?

Share your opinions/theories in the comments! Oh, and feel free to discuss how CREEPY Chuck Vance turned out to be. I mean talk about a guy who can’t handle rejection….

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