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'Up All Night': Talk about last night's 'New Car' here!

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Up All Night
Colleen Hayes/NBC

I really want to love Up All Night. Unfortunately, I’m not there yet. But NBC is trying to make this relationship work. The network just gave the freshman comedy, starring Christina Applegate, Will Arnett, and Maya Rudolph, a full season pickup. So, I’ll gladly use the extra episodes to see if I can fully commit. And by commit, I mean having my DVR record the series.

In last night’s “New Car,” Reagan and Chris attempted to pack their tiny convertible for a day at the beach. But when they forget to add the most important cargo (see: their baby, Amy) they realized it might be time to grow up and purchase a family friendly vehicle. Cars considered: The Back to the Future DeLorean and The A-Team van. After consuming too much wine, Reagan bid on and won an A-Team-esque van delivered straight to her door by Pete Little Bear, who may or may not be a shape-shifting bird. Still with me? Reagan and Chris ended up finding a car that suits their needs and personality. And we applauded them for taking another step forward in their roles as parents/adults.

Meanwhile, Reagan’s boss Ava was in crisis mode because she’d been named one of the “Top 10 Celebrity Dropouts.” I thought this B-story fell a little flat, although I do cherish all of Maya Rudolph’s facial expressions. The only highlight was learning that The Facts of Life‘s Tootie (aka Kim Fields) went to Pepperdine. (I googled it, people. She really did! The more you know.) In an attempt to show off her smarts and have an author on her show, Ava tried reading the book Default: The Collapse of the American Economy. I almost fell asleep just typing that name, so I sympathized with Ava’s inability to make it past the cover page. (Also, when Chris started talking about the SEC, I thought he meant this one, not this one. I’m dumb, too!) But Ava shocked her audience with her smarts, and twisted the interview to work in her favor. And we applauded her for taking another step forward in her role as an adult.

What are your thoughts on Up All Night? Do you, like me, feel the need to purchase a pair of baby cowboy boots? (I don’t even have a baby….) The show doesn’t deliver laugh-out-loud jokes at every turn like some of my other favorite NBC comedies — I’m looking at you, Parks and Recreation and 30 Rock — but the characters keep me coming back every Wednesday night. Still, I haven’t been able to fully confess my love for the show. Am I alone? Sound off in the comments.

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