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'Hunger Games' Capitol site reveals (some) District Seals. Proud of your Panem position?

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District 9

So not fair. Back in August, I logged onto The Hunger GamesCapitol site and found myself assigned to the very mysterious, very sly District 5. (R.I.P. Foxface.) And despite the fact that those participating in the Capitol game are learning more about their assigned districts via District Seals — and those districts’ corresponding Facebook pages — it looks like my District will still remain mysterious. Because, as of now, District 5 has yet to release a Seal. Time to shake my fist at that President Snow!

Still, it’s cool to see the Badges that have been released, including Katniss’ own District 12. (See pictured above. Bigger version posted below.) Each picture a representation of that District’s specialty trade, like mining (the aforementioned 12), grain (District 9), textiles (District 8), lumber (District 7), and masonry (District 2). Those of us eagerly waiting to discover what it is exactly that District 5 and 6 do will have to wait just a bit longer.

Until then, click through the following pages to see all the existing Badges, and continue to starve for Hunger Games‘ March 23 release.

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