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'War Horse' trailer

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The gorgeous first trailer for Steven Spielberg’s War Horse (out Dec. 25) focused on the journey of a heroic steed experiencing man’s humanity in the midst of the fire of war. And though a second trailer recycles much of the same footage, the new emphasis on the horse’s original owner, a young English boy-turned soldier played by newcomer Jeremy Irvine, really delivers emotionally. Everything about the new trailer is amped up, including the horse’s midnight dash through no-man’s land. Silent the first time around, the new trailer incorporates the terrifying sounds of war before connecting the “miraculous” horse with the young man whose bond with his childhood companion refuses to break. Adults who grew up loving The Black Stallion will have pangs of nostalgia, and John Williams’ score swells at all the right spots. “Be brave!” indeed viewers. Take a look.

Which War Horse trailer did you prefer?

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