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President George Clooney: Does Ryan Gosling say "Yes he can"?

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George Clooney
Andrew Evans/PR Photos

At last night’s Ides of March premiere, EW asked the film’s stars, “Which actor could you actually get behind running for president? Who would get your vote?” While you’ll have to wait until the print edition to find out who George Clooney would mark an ‘X’ next to on the ballot, several of his co-stars had interesting feedback on Clooney’s chances at a run for the White House. See what they said about their outspoken colleague — and which of them got a surprise nomination — after the jump.

Ontario native Ryan Gosling and London-born Max Minghella were quick to point out that they are not allowed to vote. (Cue sad violins as Gosling said, “I don’t even dare to dream about it.”) But that’s where the actors’ similarities ended. Ever thoughtful, Gosling said he would consider voting for his Ides director, depending “on his policies. I’d have to hear them. I don’t know enough about the guy.” (We’re sure that last bit was delivered in a pitch-perfect deadpan.) Minghella was much more generous with his support: “I think George Clooney would be qualified for that role. Of all the actors I know, he seems to understand that world the best. He looks good on TV and he’s a smart motherf—–.”

Keeping things interesting, Evan Rachel Wood offered up a revolutionary suggestion: “Dude, seriously I’ve seen Ryan work a crowd and I’m telling you that guy is likeable.” She added, “Ryan is amazing. He’s almost too cool and too talented. Damn, maybe we do need to amend the constitution for Ryan Gosling for president.”

What do you think, PopWatchers? Would Clooney make a good leader of the free world? Is America ready for the first bachelor in the White House since James Buchanan? If you could tap a celebrity (in Ides or otherwise) to join the 2012 race, who would you pick?

(Reporting by Carrie Bell)

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