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Nicolas Cage and January Jones seek 'Justice' in new trailer

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In the new trailer for Justice, Nicolas Cage finds himself in a Strangers on a Train-esque quandary. Yes, his wife was assaulted and he wants to settle the score, but as any astute moviegoer knows, never say “yes” to a man offering help if he warns you he’ll be asking for a favor down the road. Never! I won’t spoil what favor Guy Pearce asks of Cage’s character (though the trailer does), but I will tell you it’s not picking up some overdue dry cleaning. See the full promo after the jump.

What do you think? Do you like ol’ Nic taking a step back from films in the Drive Angry/Season of the Witch oeuvre? Or do you like your Cage kickin’ ass and taking names? Given the character-driven similarities with Strangers on a Train, do you hope it ends in a climactic merry-go-round battle? I know I do.