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'Vampire Diaries,' Dexter,' more in the Spoiler Room

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Revenge VanCamp
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System failing. Too much TV. Abort! Abort!

Anyone else feeling a little overwhelmed by all the amazing television this week? Well, buck up, sissy pants! Fall TV is not for the weak. It’s for the bravest, strongest, most wonderfully reclusive individuals. Together we will conquer.

That said, I need your help. Be sure you’re sending in your scoop requests, sharing your TV ponderings, and telling me your general shows of interest so I can make sure I’m filling your need for scoops during this hectic TV time. (Send e-mails to spoilerroom@ew.com or follow me on Twitter: @EWSandraG) Until next week!

(Side note: In case you missed it, we also had a special Emmy scoops edition earlier this week that you can read here.)


Last season of Dexter ended with the door open for anything to happen. Lumen lost her darkness and left, Dexter had taken down the season’s villain, and there was even a small note of optimism on his part that he could one day live without his own darkness following him.

On Oct. 2, we pick up with Harrison starting pre-school and Dexter very much at peace with his darkness. And, dare I say, enjoying it again.

Without ruining too much (because I honestly felt incredibly psyched by the premiere and want you to experience it for yourself), much of the episode centers around Dexter tracking down a potential victim at his 20th high school reunion. There, we not only get a great picture of who Dexter was as a high school student, but also get a good laugh out how his classmates perceive him now. (He’s… popular!)

We’re also introduced to Colin Hanks and Edward James Olmos’ demented characters. I can happily report that the first murder they are responsible for is one of the most disgusting ones I’ve ever seen on the show. Congrats, newbies!

Need more Dex? Send in your – questions! (spoilerroom@ew.com)


Tonight is Fringe! Tonight is Fringe! Tonight is Fringe!

Yes, I could have thought of a more eloquent way to begin this oversized scooplet, but that’s honestly the more genuine way to express my feeling right now because I think you’re in for a treat.

If you haven’t checked out my report from a chat with Fringe bosses J.H. Wyman and Jeff Pinkner, I suggest you read that. But to supplement that, I can tell you that what tonight’s premiere lacks in Peter (and you should know, he’s not totally absent — but I can’t say more than that), it makes up for in a great new narrative involving Lincoln Lee, who joins the Fringe team and gets a chance to interact with all the members in what will likely become new classic moments among Fringe fans.

Other goings on: You might find your heart bleeding for Walter in the worst way because of his obviously troubled state, Olivia has not forgotten her past with Bolivia despite the truce (and has the best bitch-tastic interactions with her about it), and I’d pay attention to Walter’s experiments. I don’t know for sure, but my Fringe-y senses tell me they’re going to come back into play eventually.


My post-premiere conversation with executive producer Erica Messer was eye opening in many ways and gave me many things to look forward to about this season. (Action Reid! Lingering hard feelings! Possible Prentiss flashbacks!) But the most intriguing bit, for me anyway, was the knowledge that one of the members of the BAU would be getting a new love this season!

When asked about who would be getting a romantic interest, Messer was understandably coy, saying only that people will “know who it is” based on the casting. (They’re still far away from starting that process, however.) My mind, however, went immediately to Hotch, since Messer had told me that she hopes to put a smile back on his (later non-bearded) face. So we asked Gibson himself for insight. “God, I hope [it’s me]. It’s too sad otherwise. This man needs to get a life outside of that building,” he tells us.

But if love isn’t on the horizon, we at least have some good cases to look forward to. Gibson teases, “[In] one we are shooting right now, we’ve got a serial killer in the middle of tornado alley. Remember the name of Margaret Hamilton’s character in The Wizard of Oz before she became the Wicked Witch? She was Emmy Gulch. So the name Gulch in Kansas pops up again and again in this episode. So there are tornadoes going on, and there’s killing. It seems a little nuts, but it’s not. It’s just twisted. Ah! It’s just twisted!” What a pun-y guy!


Sandra, you enjoy well-dressed men as much as I do. What did you think of the pictures of Stefan dressed in ’20s gear? Wowza!! What can you tell me about the ep? — Jessica

According to Nina Dobrev, next week’s flashback-heavy Vampire Diaries episode is “almost like a movie” and sure to top the fans’ favorite episodes. “We’re introduced to a couple of new characters and there are huge surprises and a cliffhanger of sorts,” she says. “You learn a lot of information and is very visually stimulating. I think people are going to go crazy for this one.”

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