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'Survivor': See Jeff Probst's Public Service Announcement on proper Tribal Council voting technique -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

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There are a few things you need to learn how to do before you go on Survivor: strategize, compete in challenges, look good in a bathing suit. But there is one other crucial aspect of the game that must be mastered as well — the Tribal Council voting process. I know what you’re thinking: It’s just writing somebody’s name down! How hard can it be? Well, as countless contestants have shown us in the past, there are many ways to screw up what should be a simple act of backstabbing and betrayal. Which is why host Jeff Probst was kind enough to film a Public Service Announcement for all future Survivor contestants on the dos and don’ts of proper vote casting. (Who says celebrities don’t give back?) Grab a pen and take some notes as Jeff breaks down all the moves guaranteed to make you a TV star if and when you make it on the show. To enjoy what just might be the most informative — and yes, important —PSA in history, click on the video player below. Because clicking is half the battle.

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