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On the Books Sept. 21: News on Alice Walker, Neil Young, Maurice Sendak, Shel Silverstein, and more

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Alice Walker
Monica Morgan/WireImage.com

++ The MacArthur Foundation has doled out its 22 “Genius” grants.

++ Alice Walker’s The Color Purple is finally getting an ebook release. Walker supports the new format, saying that books are getting “heavier and heavier.”

++ Flavorwire has gathered reimagined covers of 20 classic books. These are really, really cool.

++ Gabriel García Marquez’s 1996 work News of a Kidnapping has sold out in Iran stores after opposition leader Mir Houssein Mousavi’s endorsement.

++ Maurice Sendak defends Bumble-Ardy from parents who think it’s too scary and adult for children. After all, he did change wine consumption at a pig’s 9’th birthday party to “brine” drinking.

++ Neil Young is writing a memoir due for publication in late 2012.

++ Another rogue political biographer is coming under some heat: Ron Suskind, who wrote Confidence Men: Wall Street, Washington, and the Education of a President, is being called out for errors and inaccuracies in his critical book about President Obama and his economic team.

++ Long-time editor discusses Every Thing on It, the new book of 145 poems from beloved children’s author/illustrator Shel Silverstein. The book contains poems that were cut out of previous Silverstein tomes.