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Hugh Jackman visits the WWE

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Hugh Jackman WWE

In a world… plagued by violence… where wrestling fans and Broadway geeks thought they would never overcome their differences… only one man could unite them all. That man… was Hugh Jackman. Seriously, though, when did you ever think a WWE announcer would credit a win by saying, “Thanks to the Tony Award-winning” anything? Well, my friends, Hugh Jackman was put on this earth to make dreams comes true, and last night he did just that.

Guest hosting WWE Monday Night Raw, the shredded song-and-dance man watched as wrestler Zack Ryder plunged toward the abyss. Harnessing all the power of Broadway in his mighty fists, Jackman delivered an unexpected punch in opponent Dolph Ziggler’s face, giving Ryder a chance to recover and fly quads-of-steel-first into the arms of victory. Click here for the full video. So is it official yet? Is Hugh Jackman the manliest man on the planet or what? Is Neil Patrick Harris readying his spandex and studying ring architecture even as I type?

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