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'It's Always Sunny' returns tonight!

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Always Sunny
Patrick McElhenney/FX

The seventh season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia not only crosses the line, it goes so far beyond the line that it enters a whole new territory of the delightfully twisted. Even the most devoted Paddy’s Pub patrons may wonder if they’ve taken a wrong turn. So, in short, this could just be the best season yet.

Believe me, I realize what a bold statement that is to make, considering this is a series that has already had its characters eat human meat, unofficially adopt a “dumpster baby,” and be genuinely terrible at every possible opportunity. (Not to mention the fact that classic episodes include titles like “Charlie Got Molested,” “Sweet Dee’s Dating a Retarded Person,” and “Who Pooped The Bed?”)

Still, things are about to go worse. (And, by that, I mean better.) How so? Well, let’s just say that in tonight’s season premiere, Frank (Danny DeVito) proposes to the most horrifying prostitute you’ve ever laid eyes and ears on. And that’s just the beginning: Other upcoming episodes a disturbing Jersey Shore parody, as well as a very sketchy kiddie pageant. (While Sunny occasionally veers into topical territory (“The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis”), the timing of that latter episode couldn’t be better, what with all the recent Toddlers & Tiaras uproar.)

But, it gets even worse, guys! Yes, worse! Those aforementioned episodes practically play like an episode of 7th Heaven as compared to next month’s “Sweet Dee Gets Audited,” which could very well be the single sickest episode of the comedy yet. (And that’s considering the fact that a character vomits a massive amount of blood in tonight’s premiere.) At the risk of giving too much away (or making you lose your lunch), I’ll only hint that it involves Dee (where’s Kaitlin Olson‘s Emmy nod, already?!), a baby scam, a bloody cross, a dead dog, and the new-and-“improved” Fat Mac.

No, Sunny still isn’t a show you can watch with your parents (actually, it’s probably best to not even let them know it exists), but between those inspired ads, hilarious posters, and this wickedly offensive new season, the FX cult hit is definitely firing on all cylinders. Consider this your fair warning. Are you watching tonight, PopWatchers?

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